Qualify for Government Programs & Incentives Designed to Help Battle Climate Change and Save You Money by Using ROXUL®

The greatest potential for energy and CO2 efficiency gains lie in our existing buildings. Billions of dollars are wasted every year due to inadequate insulation. Buildings are responsible for some 40% of our energy consumption and major CO2 emissions. Most of this energy is needlessly wasted. With roughly 2/3 of your homes energy consumption used for heating and cooling, the simple process of adding insulation is the most cost effective way to put a little more money in your pocket and save millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions and fossil fuel.

The climate crisis, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, emphasizes the environmental benefits of insulation. The benefits have never been so important. Federal and Local Governments realize that insulation is an important component in combating climate change and have developed energy efficiency programs and incentives to help individuals do their part and create a sustainable future.

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Canadian Programs and Incentives Designed to Help Battle Climate Change and Save you Money

Each home or building has its own specific energy-saving needs and yours is no different. Including ROXUL insulation in your project can add up to big savings not only now but also in the future. Using ROXUL insulation in your new build or renovation projects can help you save up to 30% on each energy bill and help reduce CO2 emissions by more than 11 tons a year. Insulation is a key driver in energy efficiency and can deliver significant savings on an ongoing basis.

Federal and Provincial Governments may offer incentives for projects that keep energy efficiency in mind. Many local governments may also have additional programs offering financial assistance to those projects undergoing energy efficiency improvements in an effort to stimulate the economy and create a sustainable environment.

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Federal Grants

Provincial Grants