The unique non-directional structure of ROXUL Insulation stone wool content is denser than traditional insulations. This effectively reduces airflow and essentially, sound transmissions. Higher air flow resistivity means better sound attenuation. Excellent overall sound control is further achieved with several ROXUL products as the density of the stone wool content is increased – such as in our rigid and semi-rigid board products.

What is a good sound environment?

Noise should be dampened to such an extent that it no longer interferes with your intended activity. Just 30 dB (A) is disturbing to sleep. Sound levels of 35 dB (A) or more interferes with the intelligibility of speech in smaller rooms.

Background sound levels may need to be reduced further in situations where speech comprehension may present a challenge. This may include those who are hearing impaired, the elderly, children in the process of language development and those who may not be fluent in the language being spoken.

Rooms with many hard surfaces may result in a disturbing ‘echo’ which ideally should be avoided. A reverberation time below 0.6 seconds is desirable, even in a quiet environment.

A 10 dB difference is perceived by the human ear as a doubling (or halving) of the audible sound.