Fire Resistance

ROXUL stone wool resists temperatures up to approximately 1177°C (2150°F). It can reduce the spread of a fire and provides valuable extra minutes to save people and property, and reduce environmental damage.

Fire Resistance

Fire Resistance

Fire resistance describes how well a building system can resist the spread of a fire for a period of time, preventing it from spreading from one compartment to another.

Reaction to fire for materials describes how a component of a system reacts to exposure during a fire incident characterized by:

  • Flame spread
  • Smoke development
  • Non-combustibility

Fires Involving Insulation Materials

In the event of a fire, the insulation choice may become a vital one in terms of the time available to escape. ROXUL insulation is non-combustible and can withstand up to 1177°C (2150°F). Combustible insulation can fuel a fire, and if exposed - can cause it to spread.

The Fire Curve

Time is vital for fire fighters. It is essential that a structure contains as few combustible building materials as possible and include fire-resistant materials which can delay the spread of fire; providing vital extra minutes for people to escape, reduce property damage and aid fire fighters themselves.