Fire Prevention Week

ROXUL is pleased to support Fire Prevention Week across North America observed, October 9th to 15th, and has partnered with the Fire Marshal’s Public Fire Safety Council to spread the word about fire safety and how you can help prevent residential fires in your home.


Every second counts when an unexpected fire starts in your home. Statistics from Fire Prevention Canada show that, on average, fire kills eight people each week in Canada, with residential fires accounting for 73% of these fatalities. And in the US, home fires killed an average of eight people every day in 2013 according to the National Fire Protection Association.

Though you never know when fire might strike, there are important measures you can take to increase your chances when seconds count. While it’s nearly impossible to make a house completely fireproof, you can build or remodel it using fire-inhibiting materials. ROXUL insulation resists temperatures up to approximately 2150˚F which is well above heat levels of typical house fires and when directly exposed to fire this chemically-inert material will not produce harmful gases or promote the spread of flames.

This year on October 12th, we'll be hosting a Live Burn featuring Scott McGillivray and a box of chocolates. Will it burn? Watch and find out on our Facebook Live at 9:30am EST.

Fire Prevention Resources can be found here.