Basement Walls

Before starting, check basement walls for signs of dampness. If damp, have foundation checked for cracks. Ideally wait minimum one year after construction to allow for settling.

1. Best practice is to apply approved moisture barrier.

  • Build a stud wall around basement perimeter.
  • Install COMFORTBATT® between studs.

2. Eliminate gaps and ensure a snug fit.

Using a long serrated knife carefully cut and place insulation in the space above the concrete wall and below the floor (header space).

3. Install approved vapor barrier/retarder required by local building code to cover wall and header space.

Insulating Basement Walls with ROXUL®

Create a warm and comfortable living space with basement insulation from ROXUL®. A finished basement adds functional area and value to your home, allowing for the addition of a spare bedroom, bathroom, media room, play area or home gym... read more

COMFORTBATT® thermal batt insulation for residential construction  is designed to meet basement insulation requirements by adding R-value to exterior walls, while ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND® is the ideal solution for sound insulation in interior walls, floors, and ceilings.

ROXUL stone wool insulation products come in a variety of sizes and R-values to suit your individual needs and the building codes that exist in your region.

Sound Insulation

Planning on a basement media or recreation room? Avoid the transfer of noise from one room or floor to the next with ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND® insulation for interior ceilings, floors and walls. Bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry and furnace rooms can also be equipped with this fire-resistant soundproofing basement insulation, enhancing both privacy and tranquility in the home.

Basement Insulation R-value and Thermal Efficiency

R-value, or thermal resistance, prevents the transfer of heat through walls, creating a comfortable and inviting environment.

ROXUL COMFORTBATT® is a high-density, semi-rigid, energy efficient insulation batt.  Designed with flexible edges for a complete friction fit fill, it ensures the achievement and maintenance of anticipated R-value.

Insulating Basement Walls for Fire, Moisture, Mold and Mildew Resistance

ROXUL mineral wool insulation provides non-combustible, fire resistant and water repellent protection for your home and for your peace of mind.

Keep moisture at bay with water repellent stone wool insulation made from basalt rock and slag. Since ROXUL products are inorganic, they do not rot or promote the growth of harmful mold, fungi or mildew.

In the event of wetting, ROXUL COMFORTBATT® will dry out and maintain its R-value due to its vapor permeable properties. Unlike other insulation brands that may retain moisture and slump in the wall cavity, ROXUL will not lose its shape or effectiveness over time.

Help safeguard what matters most. Non-combustible ROXUL insulation does not contribute to the spread of fire, nor does it develop smoke or toxic fumes.

Basement Insulation Installation Made Easy

Simplify your building or renovation project with the insulation made of stone and recycled material.

One piece of equipment you will need for basement insulation installation is a serrated blade, such as a regular bread knife, to quickly and accurately cut the batt for an optimal fit. Since ROXUL products are made, in part, of steel industry by-products, utility knife blades will deteriorate rapidly.

Wearing proper personal protective gear, simply INSERT, COMPRESS and RELEASE your ROXUL COMFORTBATT®.  Avoid gaps with the aid of distinctively flexible semi-rigid batt edges for a basement insulation that maintains its shape and R-value over time, and provides many years of warmth, comfort and energy savings.