The Attic

This is one of the easiest places to insulate in your home. It’s also the place where insulation has its greatest impact in keeping the heat in during winter and keeping the heat out in summer.

New construction

1. Install batts from below, pressing into position between joists. For additional insulation lay batts across the top of the joists.
  • Butt ends tightly together to eliminate gaps
  • 2. Install an approved vapor barrier/retarder on the interior surface where required. 
    • Overlap joints over two adjacent ceiling joints
    • Seal with approved caulk or tape
Existing construction
When no insulation is present:
  • Install COMFORTBATT® between joists.
    1. For additional insulation, lay a second layer of insulation perpendicular to the first layer.

    For existing, but insufficient insulation:

    • Level existing insulation to top of joist.
    • Lay COMFORTBATT® on top of joists in opposite direction.
    • Ensure batts are butted against each other tightly.
    • Fit batts closely to cross members; cut batt if necessary;leave no space between layers.
    • Insulate attic hatch to same level as rest of attic. Apply weatherstripping to edge to reduce air leakage.
    • Only insulate close to IC rated electrical fixtures. Maintain 3-inch distance from others.
    • Follow manufacturer instructions and local building code to insulate around chimney.

ROXUL Stone Wool Insulation: More Than a Rock

A fire-resistant and water repellent insulation made from stone, ROXUL provides superior protection engineered for optimal performance year- round.

ROXUL COMFORTBATT® Thermal Insulation

ROXUL COMFORTBATT® is a thermal batt insulation designed for both residential and commercial construction. A full range of products for exterior walls, ideal for insulating an attic, are available where residential building products are sold.

Insulating an Attic with ROXUL

Insulating an attic is one of the fastest and simplest ways to increase your home’s energy efficiency and decrease heating and cooling costs through the year. For new or existing construction where insulation is required, refer to the ROXUL Materials Calculator online to determine how much material is needed for your project.

Simple Installation

ROXUL can save you time and money. To install ROXUL COMFORTBATT®, simply cut the product to size with a serrated bread knife and insert between joists for a snug fit. Straightforward precision and minimal required equipment means less waste and effortless maintenance. The batts may be layered or added to existing attic insulation for heightened effectiveness and to ensure compliance with regional building codes.

Where sound proofing is a concern, choose ROXUL’s SAFE’n’SOUND® mineral wool insulation for interior wall assemblies.

Rock your reno with ROXUL. Speak with our technical experts or explore our DIY with ROXUL YouTube series for material recommendations and friendly installation advice.

Thermal Performance, R-value & Energy Savings

ROXUL COMFORTBATT® thermal insulation is dimensionally-stable and water resistant to avoid slumping in the wall cavity and to maintain its stated R-value (a measurement of an insulation’s capacity to prevent heat transfer) long term.

Resistant to temperature and weather variation, ROXUL’s uniquely dense fibers provide optimal comfort, all-season protection from the elements, and increased household energy savings. Since heating and cooling account for approximately two-thirds of a home’s energy expenditure, proper insulation represents a significant opportunity for related cost reductions, up to 30% annually.

Fire Resistance

Non-combustible, fire-resistant ROXUL stone wool insulation can endure extreme heat up to 1177◦ C (2150◦F) without melting. It will not burn or release toxic smoke; and, as it delays the spread of flames, ROXUL may provide additional time vital for a safe escape.

Moisture Control

Water resistant yet vapour permeable, ROXUL stone wool insulation does not absorb moisture. The quick-drying fibers will not promotethe growth of harmful mold, mildew, fungi, or bacteria. Chemically inert, ROXUL will not corrode.

A Sustainable Future with ROXUL Environmentally Friendly Insulation

ROXUL stone wool insulation is made from naturally abundant volcanic basalt rock and recycled slag, a by-product of the steel industry. CFC and HCFC free in product and process, ROXUL does not employ blowing agents, will not off-gas and is fire-resistant without the addition of hazardous chemicals.

Consult ROXUL’s LEED® Calculator and Technical Data sheets to discover how your construction or renovation project may be eligible for valuable points. Government tax credit information is also available on our website.