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ROXUL COMFORTBOARD™ 80 - Insulated Sheathing

Technical Bulletins

ROXUL Residential Stone Wool Insulation

The ecological choice for interior walls, ceilings and floors, ROXUL stone wool insulation provides superior fire and water resistance for a safer and more comfortable place to live. Exceptional sound absorption and thermal properties contribute to ambient and acoustic comfort for enhanced recreation and relaxation.


ROXUL insulation provides the comfort you want and the security you need. A fire-resistant insulation, ROXUL resists temperatures of up to 2150◦F (1177◦C) without burning or melting. Non-combustible stone wool does not promote the spread of flame nor produce toxic smoke in the event of fire; these factors may provide critical additional time and protection needed to facilitate an escape.

Water Repellency and Air Quality

Breathe easy with ROXUL. 

Chemically inert, ROXUL will not rot or corrode. An inorganic substance, it will not promote the growth of harmful mold, mildew, or bacteria; these advantages are due in part to its water repellency, fast drying properties and low moisture sorption.

ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND® is GreenGuard® certified, recognized with its highest indoor air quality designation.

Trusted Thermal Performance, by ROXUL COMFORTBATT®

Fire-safe and water repellent ROXUL COMFORTBATT® is specially designed and engineered as thermal insulation for residential and commercial applications.

COMFORTBATT®’s unique friction fit batt will not slump or sag in the wall cavity, therefore peak efficiency is preserved. Dimensionally-stable, ROXUL maintains its shape, integrity and R-value – a value which measures the ability of an insulation product to prevent the flow of heat−over time.

Energy Efficiency & Savings

Decrease ongoing household energy costs with ROXUL COMFORTBATT® thermal insulation. An environmentally friendly insulation choice ideal for use in wall cavities, ceilings, attics and floor frames, COMFORTBATT® offers long term stable R-value and optimum effectiveness for all seasons.

Premium Sound Absorption

A good sound environment is made possible by ROXUL.

ROXUL mineral wool’s high-density, non-directional fiber structure reduces air flow and noise transmission by trapping and dissipating sound waves, allowing media rooms and home offices to peacefully coexist.

For the very best in sound absorption, ROXUL SAFE’n’SOUND® stone wool insulation is preferred by select professional recording studios.

Easy Installation

ROXUL stone wool insulation is easy to handle and customize for your residential building or renovation project. Using simple protective gear and a serrated bread knife, cut or notch the batt to accommodate wall cavities and obstructions such as electrical boxes and wires.  For high performance fire defense, water resistance and sound absorption, Insert, Compress and Release the product for a snug, stable and secure fit.

An Environmentally Friendly Insulation

Made from sustainable and naturally abundant materials, ROXUL stone wool sound absorbent, fire resistant insulation minimizes your home’s potential environmental impact during new residential construction, renovation, and through the years to come.

ROXUL’s unique product is created free of CFCs and HCFCs and blowing agents, resulting in lasting efficiency that will not off-gas.

ROXUL is fire-resistant without the addition of hazardous flame retardants, and is produced with a minimum of 40% recycled content at our Milton, ON and Marshall County, MS facilities.