ROXUL SAFE® 65 & 55

ROXULSAFE® 65 & 55 are a medium-density insulation product for interior and exterior walls in pre-engineered metal building construction. This product provides exceptional fire-resistance and energy savings. SAFE® provides added fire protection for metal buildings in close proximity to other buildings, and is designed for interior or exterior non-load bearing metal panel wall assemblies where a fire resistance rating is required.

ROXUL FIREWALL® Interior & Exterior Wall Insulation

ROXUL SAFE® is a medium-density fire rated insulation board designed for the non-load bearing interior or exterior wall assemblies of pre-engineered metal buildings.

SAFE® provides the ideal water and fire resistant insulation; stable R-value and soundproofing necessary for energy efficient zero lot line applications where fire resistance ratings are required.

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Sustainable, high performance solutions for the building envelope are available for single and double sided fire ratings in one and two hour formats: SAFE® 65 and SAFE® 55.

Consistent Insulation R-value & Energy Savings

Invest in the future with ROXUL. Its dimensionally stable, multi-directional stone wool fiber structure is both water repellent and resistant to thermal cycling for outstanding results and lasting quality. ROXUL’s insulation R-value remains a constant without compromise, so you can expect optimum efficiency and energy savings through the years.

Non-Combustible Fire Resistant Insulation

Exterior wall and interior assembly protection from ROXUL offers a high temperature, non-combustible fire resistant insulation, that keeps temperatures constant and controls moisture levels throughout the year .

ROXUL’s SAFE® products provide the increased fire security builders need to reduce the space necessary between metal structures in close proximity, granting additional area for practical use.

Withstanding temperatures of up to 2150?F (1177?C), ROXUL stone wool far exceeds the limits of fiberglass alternatives, and will not produce smoke or encourage the spread of flame.


Both rigid yet lightweight fire resistant insulation products, ROXUL’s SAFE® options are distinguished by their fire resistance ratings, for one and two hours respectively. The fire resistance rating applies to the insulation for both the exterior and interior of the wall.

Water Repellent

ROXUL interior and exterior wall insulation repels moisture, maintaining integrity, shape and insulation R-value. Inorganic and low sorption, ROXUL will not rot, corrode or promote the growth of mold, fungi or bacteria.

Sound Attenuation

ROXUL’s dense, non-directional fiber structure dramatically reduces the transmission of noise from a building’s interior or exterior. A wall insulation that delivers acoustic comfort even in heavily developed areas, ROXUL stone wool is ideally suited to both assembly and mechanical equipment isolation functions. Select ROXUL where superior sound absorption and fire resistant insulation are indicated.

Easy Installation & Reduced Maintenance

Simple to handle, cut and install, ROXUL SAFE® products save time and labour, reduce waste, and contribute to ongoing energy and cost savings.

Resistant to moisture and temperature variation, ROXUL stone wool provides a consistent, enduring defense, maximizing effectiveness and minimizing maintenance expenses.

Environmentally Sustainable

An energy efficient insulation made from abundant, naturally occurring materials and recycled content without blowing agents, CFCs or HCFCs in product or production, ROXUL stone wool interior/exterior wall insulation is the preferred choice of green architectural and construction firms.

Contact a ROXUL LEED® accredited staff member for details about how your project may qualify for LEED® points. The ROXUL LEED® Calculator and Submittal Sheet can assist you in obtaining these valuable credits rewarding sustainable design and development.


This product is designed for exterior and interior non-load bearing steel faced fire wall applications where a fire resistance of at least one hour is required.

Two product variations:
SAFE® 65 holds a fire resistance rating of one hour, from the interior side, as specified in ULC Design No. W605 and UL Design No. U654. In addition, it holds a fire resistance rating of one hour from both sides, as specified in ULC Design No. W610 and UL Design No. U658.

SAFE® 55 holds a fire resistance rating of two hours, from the interior side, as specified in ULC Design No. W606 and UL Design No. U655.  In addition, it holds a fire resistance rating of two hours from both sides, as specified in ULC Design No. W611 and UL Design No. U659.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install insulation and construct fire wall design
  • Fire resistance at zero lot line clearance
  • Non-combustible stone wool insulation
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Performs over wide temperature ranges
  • Energy-saving performance - SAFE® 65 = R4.2; SAFE® 55 = R4.3
  • Non-corrosive
  • Does not rot, promote mildew, fungi, or bacteria
  • ROXUL can contribute to earning LEED® points