ROXUL CURTAINROCK®, CURTAINROCK® 40 and CURTAINROCK® 80 are lightweight, semi-rigid stone wool insulation boards designed to meet a variety of curtain wall specifications. ROXUL SAFE® is UL and Intertek approved as a forming material for numerous fire stop systems. ROXUL SAFE® together with CURTAINROCK® 40/80 provides a comprehensive critical line of defense in fire protection that has been UL/ULC tested and approved for perimeter fire containment.


This product is designed specifically for use in curtain wall systems; suited for backpan or mechanical fastening applications.

CURTAINROCK®, CURTAINROCK® 40 and CURTAINROCK® 80 are specifically designed for fire-rated curtain wall systems. CURTAINROCK® is available in 24” x 48” and 24" x 60" panels. CURTAINROCK® 40 and CURTAINROCK® 80 are available in 24" x 48", 36” x 4”, and 48” x 72” panels.


  • Low moisture sorption rate; effectively drains water away from exterior walls
  • Delivers higher R-values for lasting thermal protection
  • Non-combustible product with a melting point of approximately 2150°F (1177°C)
  • Sound absorbent
  • Chemically inert; non-corrosive
  • Repels water, does not rot, or promote the growth of mildew, fungi, or bacteria
  • Can be fabricated and faced with reinforced foil facings
  • Approved for use as a component of UL-approved systems
  • ROXUL can contribute to earning LEED® points