ROXUL® Commercial Insulation Products

ROXUL AFB® - Acoustical Fire Batts

ROXUL CAVITYROCK® – Continuous Insulation for Optimal Thermal Performance

ROXUL CURTAINROCK® - Insulation for Curtain Wall Systems

ROXUL SAFE® - Light-Weight, Semi-Rigid Fire Stopping Batt Insulation

ROXUL SAFE® 65 & 55 - Metal Building Insulation

ROXUL Plus® Metal Building - Mineral wool batt insulation designed for use in pre-engineered metal building construction

ROXUL ROCKBOARD® - Premium Multi-Purpose Board Insulation

ROXUL COMFORTBATT® - Exterior Wall, Steel Stud Insulation 

ROXUL COMFORTBOARD™ 110 – Commercial Insulated Sheathing


Commercial Overview

ROXUL® Commercial Insulation products provide a number of solutions for building envelope applications. From exterior continuous insulation to interior batts and boards, ROXUL products deliver performance from the day the building is completed.

Our fire-resistant, water repellent and sound absorbent batts and boards can be used to help achieve improved thermal performance and lower energy costs associated with heating and cooling.

ROXUL offers a number of products to meet your project’s needs:

  • Exterior Cavity Wall: ROXUL CAVITYROCK® is used in exterior cavity and rainscreen applications as an insulating layer by providing valuable thermal, fire and moisture protection
  • Exterior Sheathing: ROXUL COMFORTBOARD™ 110 is able to provide an exterior sheathing solution by providing a continuous insulation layer for improved thermal performance.
  • Interior Wall: ROXUL AFB® provides superior sound absorbency and fire protection for overall occupant comfort and safety.
  • Curtain Wall: ROXUL SAFE® with CURTAINROCK®, CURTAINROCK® 40 or CURTAINROCK® 80 provide a comprehensive critical line of defense in fire protection that has been UL/ULC tested and approved for perimeter fire containment.
  • Multipurpose Interior Boards: ROXUL ROCKBOARD® 40, ROCKBOARD® 60 and ROCKBOARD® 80 provide improved acoustic and fire performance for rooms with continuous sound requirements such as mechanical rooms or studios.
  • Metal Building: ROXUL SAFE® 65 and ROXUL SAFE® 55 provide UL/ULC tested wall solutions for metal building and fire-rated wall assemblies. ROXUL Plus® MB is designed for metal building construction where an hourly fire rating is not required.

Fire Resistant

ROXUL products are fire resistant and  do not contribute to the spread of fire and smoke, reducing the risk of fire spreading and allowing additional time for the evacuation of commercial buildings. ROXUL products can withstand up to 2150°F (1177°C) without melting.

Water Repellent

The unique properties of stone wool insulation helps repel water, allowing water to bead and run off the insulation. ROXUL products are also vapor permeable allowing vapor to diffuse throughout the product and contributing to increase drying potential, and a more breathable, energy efficient building. Rather than moisture building up in the layer, ROXUL commercial products will allow the moisture to escape.

Long Term Performance

When installed correctly, ROXUL products maintain their performance for the length of the building. This means the performance you get in year 1 will be the same each successive year.

ROXUL products are also dimensionally stable, reducing the amount of shrinkage or gaps prevalent in other insulation products, which can cause reduced system performance due to air leakage.