a contractor working on the outside of a building


ROXUL insulation products are easy to install stone wool insulation products that allow for increased efficiency on the job site and allow for the job to be completed with no issues and minimal delays.


ROXUL: A Better Way to Build for Contractors

This short video highlights the way ROXUL® can work with commercial contractors on their projects to make their jobs easier and reduce the amount of time spent on the jobsite. Learn more about how ROXUL products can help in your next job by visiting ROXUL.com

Installing ROXUL on your next job will give you satisfaction knowing you’ve installed The Better Insulation™ and provided increased value through fire resistance, sound absorbency and lower energy costs to the building occupants.

For commercial and mid- to high-rise residential applications, click here.

Job Site Efficiency

ROXUL insulation products allow for increased efficiency on the job site by cutting down on installation time:

  • ROXUL batt products, AFB®, for interior studs, or COMFORTBATT®, for exterior studs can be ordered according to the size of stud they are to be installed into and easily compress and expand into the stud cavity in order to achieve a high performing wall. In the case of intrusions, such as electrical outlets, the ROXUL batt products can be cut by a serrated blade in order to fit around the intrusion.
  • CAVITYROCK® can be installed in most exterior wall systems in simple steps. For best practices, visit our videos page for installation instructions.
  • COMFORTBOARD® 110 is an exterior sheathing product that can be installed easily to create a continuous insulation layer by using exterior strapping through the product to limit intrusions and improve energy efficiency.