Building Owners

ROXUL® Commercial insulation products provide a number of solutions for high performance building envelope applications. Learn about the many product applications for commercial and mid- to high-rise residential applications here. You can also contact our sales team for further information or to discuss a project specific to your needs.


ROXUL: A Better Way to Build for Building Owners

This short video showcases the way ROXUL can work in your facility, from new construction to renovation or add-ons to your buildings to improve the performance of your building and reduce risk. Learn more about ROXUL products and how they can fit into your facility by visiting

Superior Fire Performance

ROXUL stone wool insulation has inherent fire safety properties for Commercial buildings due to its high melting point (1177 °C /2150 °F) and non-combustible raw materials. It is comprised of basalt rock and steel slag, leading to its superior fire performance to other insulating materials. Also by not contributing to the fire spread, ROXUL insulation can help reduce damages to the building and providing vital minutes for the evacuation of the building.

Building Science expert John Straube discusses how using stone wool insulation improves the performance of buildings while increasing evacuation time in the event of a fire.

 Improving Fire Safety with Stone Wool Insulation