ROXUL Commercial Insulation


ROXUL Stone Wool Insulation makes your design process easier by giving the designer the ability to create a high performance building without compromising the aesthetics required to win over your clients. ROXUL Stone Wool Insulation is compatible with many different applications within buildings, providing high performance insulation materials that provide increased safety, comfort and peace of mind.


ROXUL: A Better Way to Build for Architects

This short video highlights the way ROXUL® can work with Architects on their designs to help improve the performance of the building. Learn more about how ROXUL products can help in your next design by visiting

For low-rise residential applications, click here.

For commercial and mid- to high-rise residential applications, click here.

Energy Efficiency

ROXUL products, from our batts to roof boards, provide the energy efficiency you need to meet today’s increasing energy code requirements. ROXUL products provide the prescribed R-value that is required while also providing thermal resistance that increases at cold temperatures to help limit extra costs from overused mechanical systems in buildings.

With ROXUL insulation products in the design, you can accurately model your energy usage over the life of the building to reduce the stress on the heating and cooling functions of your building. As temperatures change, so do the R-values of insulation products which can affect the overall performance of your building.

ROXUL's Energy Design Centre (EDC) provides tools and services during the early design stage of your project to ensure that you meet the highest energy efficiency requirements without sacrificing your other priorities. See how our EDC experts can assist you, click here.

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