ROXUL offers a 30 Year Thermal Warranty

ROXUL Inc. is proud to offer a Limited Thermal Warranty that guarantees the originally declared R-value of its commercial insulation products for up to 30 years. This is a first for the commercial insulation industry and is unmatched by any other insulation manufacturer in North America.

The limited thermal warranty is available in Canada, the United States and Mexico for all Commercial Roofing products. ROXUL maintains the originally declared R-value as published on the Technical Data Sheets for the extent of the warranty. 

30 year warranty garuntee

ROXUL's 30-year Warranty covers the following products:

  • TOPROCK® DD Plus
  • Click here to view our Canada/US Warranty

    Click here to view our Mexico Warranty


    ROXUL stone wool insulation has a number of partnerships and private-label agreements with renowned industry leaders. ROXUL partners are committed to providing the same quality and values that ROXUL presents as well as believing in long-term features and benefits of ROXUL products. All private label agreements and partnerships include specified partner warranties as well as the ROXUL 30-year limited thermal warranty.

     ROXUL Roofing products are compatible with products from various membrane manufacturers in order to provide assurance to your customers that this system will perform. ROXUL roofing products are compatible with:

    • EPDM
    • PVC
    • KEE
    • TPO
    • SBS
    • APP
    • BUR

    For approvals from specific membrane manufacturers, contact your local ROXUL roofing sales representative.