Roofing Contractors

ROXUL® roofing products are easy to handle, cut with a serrated blade and install on the job site. In addition, using TOPROCK® DD or TOPROCK® DD Plus products can eliminate required layers in the roof system and reduce costs to improve profitability.


ROXUL: A Better Way to Build for Commercial Contractors

This short video highlights the way ROXUL can work with commercial contractors on their projects to make their jobs easier and reduce the amount of time spent on the jobsite.

Installing ROXUL on your next job will give you satisfaction knowing you’ve installed The Better Insulation™ and provided increased value through fire resistance, sound absorbency and lower energy costs to the building occupants.

Job Site Efficiency

Job Site Efficiency

ROXUL Roofing products can be easily cut to fit around penetrations and openings on the roof with a serrated blade or sawzall tool with limited waste improving efficiency and reducing material costs. Their density allows them to be handled easily without worrying about them blowing away.


How to Install: ROXUL TOPROCK® DD with a Single Ply Roof

TOPROCK® DD roof insulation is a dual-density, rigid stone wool insulation that provides effective thermal resistance for commercial roof projects. Its dimensional stability provides an easy to install product that allows the job to be completed right on schedule. By following these simple guidelines you can improve the performance of the roof by minimizing gaps and security of the roof.

Be sure to follow design recommendations and other manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper installation. Always follow safety guidelines and use Personal Protective Equipment as required.

Installing ROXUL roofing products can allow you to upsell on quality while not costing you more time on the jobsite.

See how ROXUL can provide a coverboard solution for your next job