Building Owners

ROXUL Roofing products can be used to improve the performance of your building’s performance.


ROXUL: A Better Way to Build for Building Owners

This short video showcases the way ROXUL can work in your facility, from new construction to renovation or add-ons to your buildings to improve the performance of your building and reduce risk.

Superior Fire Performance

Superior Fire Performance

ROXUL insulation is comprised of basalt rock and steel slag, leading to its superior fire performance to other insulating materials. Also by not contributing to the fire spread, ROXUL stone wool insulation can help reduce damages to the building and providing vital minutes for the evacuation of the building.

In cases where your building is essential to your business this is key to help prevent lost business and increased insurance costs. Volvo, a large car manufacturer, took these factors into account when they designed their new buildings to include ROXUL Stone wool roof insulation on their roof:

ROXUL: A Better Way to Build for Architects

This case study reviews a recent project at the Volvo Hagerstown, Maryland facility that utilized ROXUL TOPROCK® DD to ensure roof performance. Robert Phelps (VOLVO Real Estate Manager) and Zach Burt (Volvo Real Estate Site Manager) explain why TOPROCK® DD was chosen as part of their roofing system. ROXUL TOPROCK® DD is a non-combustible, dual-density roofing insulation used in various projects throughout North America.