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Roofing Climate Driven R-Value Calculator

Climate Driven R-value is the recognition that the thermal performance of insulation materials can vary depending on the temperatures they are subjected to. This means R-values are constantly in flux. With this in mind, ROXUL has developed a calculator that compares ROXUL and Polyiso roofing systems to each other by using the minimum thermal requirements, according to ASHRAE 2010 or 2013 standards, in order to model the added energy costs to a building.

Climate Zone 8 (e.g. Fairbank, AK)
Climate Zone 7 (e.g. Calgary, AB)
Climate Zone 6 (e.g. Minneapolis, MN)
Climate Zone 5 (e.g. Boston, MA)
Climate Zone 4 (e.g. Seattle, WA)
Climate Zone 3 (e.g. Atlanta, GA)
Climate Zone 2 (e.g. Houston, TX)
Climate Zone 1 (e.g. Miami, FL)

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