ROXUL ROCKBOARD® 40, ROCKBOARD® 60 and ROCKBOARD® 80 represent the various densities of board insulation available to support a variety of different applications, including insulating mechanical or utility rooms, adding also a barrier to noise and fire. ROCKBOARD® 60 in particular has been used for sound studios and theaters, as it has exceptional sound absorbing characteristics and is effective at reducing sound transmission across a wide range of frequencies.

ROXUL®ROCKBOARD® Acoustic & Thermal Insulation

Providing thermal resistance, fire protection and moisture management, ROXUL’s multi-purpose stone wool insulation board has you covered (also available as a semi-rigid board). A high performance multi-purpose commercial insulation, ROCKBOARD®is available in a variety of thicknesses and densities.

Select from ROCKBOARD® 40, 60 or 80 to suit your building requirements, or choose the ROCKBOARD®PG alternative for parking garage use.


ROCKBOARD® 40 is ideal for general and mechanical room purposes, whereas 60 meets the needs of theatres and recording studios. 80 is a good fit for surfaces subject to wind loadand when a higher compressive strength is required, and the PG series*is designed specifically for parking garage underdecking.

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Acoustical Comfort

ROXULROCKBOARD®’s exceptional sound dampening character creates a choice product for many professional theatres and recording studios. Made from dense, multi-directional fibers, stone wool insulation provides uncommon acoustic protection and comfort.

Thermal Performance

Unique density and superior dimensional stability translate into long term thermal resistance and constant R-value. ROXUL is impervious to temperature variation; neither interior nor exterior wall thermal insulation will slump, expand or contract due to weather, therefore retaining effectiveness over time.

Fire Resistance

Safeguard people and property with non-combustible, fire-resistant stone wool insulation from ROXUL. Exceptional barrier to the spread of flames, ROXUL’s stone wool batts and boardshave the melting point of a scorching 2150◦ F (1177◦ C). They withstand nearly double the heat of a foam plastic alternative, and without the production of toxic smoke. Ideal even for use in mechanical rooms, ROCKBOARD® meets ASTM E 136 and CAN4 S114 standards.

Moisture Control

Resist structural and aesthetic damage with water repellent ROXUL stone wool insulation. Constructed out of dense but vapour permeable mineral wool fiber, ROCKBOARD allows water to drain from its surface and maintain structural integrity.

ROXUL’s stone wool insulation is inorganic, and will not rot, corrode, or promote the growth of harmful mold or fungi.

Facing Options

Several facing options are available for ROCKBOARD, including the following:

  • Aluminum foil with fiberglass reinforcement
  • White Polypropylene with fiberglass reinforcement
  • White Pin Perforated Polypropylene with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Black Mat with non-woven fiberglass

The PG line features a reflective white facing to reduce parking garage lighting expenses by up to 20%. Contact a ROXULrepresentative for detailed specifications.

Easy Installation

ROXUL mineral wool insulation is simple to cut for a custom fit, easy installation and routine maintenance.

Environmental Sustainability

Discover the benefits of green innovation for a sustainable future. ROXUL insulation is made from natural basalt rock and steel slag diverted from landfill, some productscontainup to 40% recycled content. Stone wool is fire resistant, without the use of harmful chemical flame retardants, and does not off-gas, for a safer environment and dependable thermal resistance.

*assumes a variety of available thicknesses, but can be changed to a more singular term. Sell sheet mentions 40 as a parking garage insulation, but PG is specially designed



This product is a multi-purpose board to be used in walls, ceilings, and floors.

ROCKBOARD® comes in various densities for different applications:


Actual Density

Typical applications



Parking garage underdecking


4 lb/ft3

Mechanical rooms, General purpose 


6 lb/ft3

Metal roof requiring snow load


8 lb/ft3

Surfaces requiring wind load such as substrate for stucco walls



  • Fire resistant, non-combustible product with a melting point of approximately 2150°F (1177°C)
  • Water and moisture resistant, repels water
  • Does not rot, promote mildew, fungi, or bacteria
  • Unique directional fiber structure provides excellent sound control
  • Provides superior compressive strength for job site durability
  • Easy to install, cut, shape, and fabricate
  • Fabrication at different densities maintains fire, water, and thermal properties
  • Offered faced with reinforced foil