ROXUL COMFORTBATT™ is a semi-rigid batt stone wool insulation product for use in commercial or residential steel stud construction.


This product is designed specifically for exterior wall steel stud applications.


  •    Batts compress or expand between frame studs or joists for complete fill
  •    Fire resistant, non-combustible with melting point of approximately 2150°F (1177°C)
  •    Water and moisture resistant; repels water to protect walls and studs
  •    Does not rot, promote mildew, fungi, or bacteria
  •    High R-values of R10, R14, R15, R22.5 and R24
  •    Sag resistant for tight fits, never loses shape
  •    Easy to handle on jobsite; easy to cut with serrated knife
  •    Chemically inert; non-corrosive
  •    Earns LEED® points – talk ROXUL LEED® Accredited Professional