As Seen On...

The Carey Brothers: On the House

James and Morris Carey are experts on home building and renovation, offering money-saving tips on building, remodeling, and repairing homes. We showcase our easy to install, sustainable building material for comfortable living spaces. 


Home to Win

20 best-known HGTV Canada builders and designers gather in a project to create a massive house transformation. We were a part of this exciting competition bringing together homeowners, contractors, and builders to utilize our dependable insulation solutions.


Income Property

Scott McGillivray partners with homeowners to make financial dreams come true through the renovation of their first income property. ROXUL is the perfect fit for soon to be landlords in providing sound resistant and fire safe rental suites.


Love it or List it Vacation Homes

Designer Dan Vickery and realtor Elisa Goldhawke join homeowners looking to renovate or sell, transforming unique vacation homes & breathtaking vistas. ROXUL is fire resistant, water repellant, soundproof and maximizes comfort, driving up home values and making it a tough choice to Love it or List it.


Masters of Flip

Husband-and-wife couple Kortney and Dave Wilson create new life in old rundown Nashville homes. This easy to install insulation is an excellent choice for renovations, boosting safety and maximizing peace and quiet amongst homes.



HGTV broadcasts hit series showcasing renovation rescues and dream transformations with the help of trusted celebrity hosts and experts. ROXUL products provide sound absorbency, water repellency, fire resistance, and saves energy, making them an invaluable addition on the show.


Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford

Danny Lipford hosts this trusted home improvement TV show delivering fresh, original, practical advice for maintaining and improving homes. Danny showcases ROXUL insulation on his show, and has featured ROXUL’s fireproof capabilities through his live burn demonstration with a box of chocolates in Marshall County, Mississippi.