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Working Environment

Working Environment


Making the world a better place

We enjoy working in a company that creates solutions that contribute to making the world a better place to live.

Our biggest shareholder is the ROCKWOOL Foundation which invests a significant amount of time and money toward benefitting society. If you would also appreciate working in a company that has integrity and corporate responsibility in its DNA, then browse our open positions and apply for a job within the Group.

Corporate social responsibility

We continuously improve our social performance by setting ambitious targets and integrating social, human rights and health & safety considerations into our daily business. We maintain an open dialogue with our stakeholders and report annually on our social performance in our Sustainability Report.

Our products and services improve the living conditions for millions of people by giving them thermal comfort, affordable heating and cooling, increased fire resilience, acoustic comfort and lower vibration levels from urban transport, and fewer chemicals in vegetables from greenhouses.

Most of our products have a positive impact on global challenges like climate change and diminishing reserves of fossil fuels. These positive contributions to the world are important to our employees, management, the Board of Directors and inspire us in our daily work.

At ROCKWOOL you're more than an employee. You are a person. You are a talent. You are a passion. You are an ambition. You are our strongest asset!

Diversity in our business

We recognise our talented, committed and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage. Our business success is a reflection of highly engaged and skilled individuals. We are committed to recruiting and retaining the best talent to drive high performance and business growth.

Diversity management benefits individuals, teams, the Group as a whole, our customers and other stakeholders. We recognise that each employee brings their own unique capabilities, experiences and characteristics to his or her work. We also encourage people with different experiences, perspectives and cultures to work together as it drives creativity and innovation.

Our workforce includes people of 52 different nationalities spread across our sites worldwide – for example there are some 21 different nationalities working in our German operations alone.

We believe in treating all people with respect and dignity. We always appoint the best individual for a particular position while ensuring equal opportunities and non-discrimination as part of our recruitment process. We take great pride in offering equal opportunities and making it possible for employees to move between business units and countries. We also encourage and guide managers in practical ways to bring employees from different parts of the Group to their teams.

Our leadership principles and high ambitions to foster trust and empowerment help us to create an environment in which all individuals can realise their maximum potential within the company.

Having a diverse workforce is valuable to our business performance. It fosters creativity and innovation, as well as a dynamic culture across the global setup.

A safe place to work

The ROCKWOOL Group has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to anything that could potentially jeopardise the health and safety of our employees, contractors and others working at our sites and those installing or using our products. In corperation with researchers and authorities, we will ensure that our products have no adverse effects when following recommended guidelines for use; otherwise the guidelines will be changed or the production will be modified or stopped. 

We encourage and expect a proactive attitude towards safety from every manager and employee. We promote preventive actions (Good Catches) and risk assessments to secure actions are taken to eliminate risks and thus bring us closer to our ultimate goal of zero Lost Time Incidents. 


"If you ask me what makes a company worth working for, I would say the fact that I want to go to work every day. Roxul has a European mindset and having been raised praising diversity, an International Company such as Rockwool was the perfect fit for me. Roxul is a challenging environment, but everybody works towards the same goal, and when you are part of the Roxul Family, everyone tries to help you achieve and exceed your goals. Another thing that I like about Roxul is that you are in touch with other parts of the Rockwool Group and you can share your knowledge with, and ask questions of, colleagues  from Spain, France, Poland, Denmark, the Netherlands and more!" Jose Manuel Lopez, Factory Controller MAR


"I would describe working for Roxul as less of a typical day job and more as a valuable career. The opportunities this company has provided me with, both professionally and in regard to my personal growth, has really shown me what it is to love what you do every single day." Sarah Southwick, Key Accounts Manager, Canada


"I have been employed at Roxul since 2014, and I enjoy coming to Roxul every day because I have many challenges to face in my role. My position as a Technical Auditor at our Mississippi facility, makes me feel good, knowing that I am apart of making someone else’s job safe. Even though safety is everyone’s responsibility, it gives me joy and makes me very proud to know I can help someone feel comfortable while doing their job." Sandra Dishman, Technical Auditor, MAR

"ROXUL is a great place for young talent to flourish. I began working at ROXUL straight out of University and immediately felt engaged and was given a sense of purpose. As a young employee, ROXUL ticks all the boxes. It has an enjoyable culture, great training resources and promotes a work-life balance." Thomas Hackett, Technical Support Manager


"ROXUL offers stone wool solutions to help enhance the quality and safety of human lives with absolute respect for the planet. The corporate culture is conducive to providing autonomy, guidance and the requisite tools to meet these evolving global challenges. For these reasons I’m proud to represent ROXUL and the ROCKWOOL Group." John Finocchio, North Central Regional Sales Manager, C&R


"I have worked for Roxul for the past five years as the Factory Manager at the Milton site factory.  What I like most is the work environment.  Roxul demonstrates a safe and healthy work environment for its entire workforce at every level of the organization.  The passion and commitment in its people is evident throughout, as every department strives to be successful.  The success is seen in all aspects of the organization through annual growth, new and innovative product offerings, productivity, and customer satisfaction.  At the end of each day, I am proud to say I work for Roxul." Andrew Avgousti, TOR Factory Manager



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The ROCKWOOL Foundation
The ROCKWOOL Foundation

The ROCKWOOL Foundation

The Foundation is the largest single shareholder of the ROCKWOOL Group with 23 % of the shares.
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