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Superior Sound Proofing

Superior Sound Proofing

stone wool benefits


It's not just heat that finds it tough to get through rock. ROXUL® Inc. stone wool products are amongst the most effective acoustic insulation solutions used in construction.

Rock: A natural sound barrier

It's the open, porous structure of stone wool that makes it highly efficient in protecting against unwanted noise. In ceilings, noise screens, around noisy machines, in walls, roofs and floors and even underneath rail tracks, ROXUL insulation acts as a natural and effective sound barrier. ROXUL insulation is the number one acoustic solution when soundproofing buildings, be it residential, commercial or industrial constructions.

Why acoustics matter

Noise in the environment or community seriously affects people, interfering with daily activities at school, work or at home during leisure time. At worst, noise may be the root of health-related issues such as hearing fatigue, hearing impairment including tinnitus, sleep disturbances etc.

Many homeowners suffer from noisy neighbours as their properties are insufficiently sound proofed. For office buildings or workplaces, distractions caused by nearby conversations or other intruding noises may interrupt and impact on concentration and efficiency. All of which can be prevented with proper insulation.

Improved comfort for all building types

ROXUL stone wool products include a wide range of acoustic solutions for different applications; whether you generally want to optimize the indoor climate, reduce noise throughout the home or workplace or to prevent outside noise from penetrating the building.